Friday, May 10, 2013

My Most Embarassing Moment

Day 10: Most embarrassing moment.  Spill.

So I was 19.  I was in attendance at a beautiful wedding.  The wedding of one of the girls I work with at the salon. 
See me?  I am sporting brown hair second from the left.
Ugh I am cringing just at the thought of this.
The reception of this wedding was at the local country club. 
I was drinking wine.
They kept refilling and refilling my glass. 
It was a never-ending glass of wine.
Did I mention I was 19?
I was having the time of my life when I began to feel a little puke-ish. 
Never a good feeling.
I choked it back.
Then I couldn't choke it back any longer.
I walked full speed (so as not to create a scene) to the bathroom.
Where I promptly threw up my dinner.  And the 4 pieces of cake I ate.
On the carpeted floor.
And the wall.
And that's all I remember.
The wedding planner took care of me from then on...or so I hear.
I am 95% sure that the bathroom floor is not carpeted anymore.
Did I mention I was 19?



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